Although interior trim work is something many homeowners overlook, it can add plenty of elegance and functionality to your house. Expert Crown Moulding proudly offers trim installation services to homeowners in Toronto and the GTA. We are a leading millwork company with over 20 years of experience in the business. You can rely on us to supply and install interior trim in your house according to industry standards. We offer trim installation in two forms depending on what your needs are. These are the types of trim work we provide:

Photo of Interior Trim

1. Baseboard

The baseboard trim is the part that covers the gap between the floor and the wall. Baseboard trim is a necessary detail of the interior that serves a function, but can be made to look appealing. Baseboards come in variety of designs and are usually 5 to 8 inches in height. The height and design is determined based on interior decorating needs.

window trim with full wall wainscoting

2. Door and Window Trim

Door and window trims cover the gap between the frame of the door or window and the wall. It not only serves the purpose of securing the frame of the window or door in place, it also makes up an attractive detail of the interior. Window and door casing is less wide yet thicker than baseboard trim and varies in size. Trim size should compliment the baseboard and is selected accordingly. We will assist you in selection of your interior doors and trim during in home consultation. Our door trim installation service can be combined with quality interior doors installation for perfect look and consistent quality.

What Makes Our Trim Installation Different


✔️ Great Selection of Trim Designs

Although the trim is a small feature, it can make a big difference for your property. With all the trim designs and options we offer, you can customize your trims according to the design of your home.

✔️ Long-Lasting MDF Trim Material

The trim we install is made of MDF because it is durable material, that has proven itself over the years. All of our trim come with a white primer finish and can be painted in any color. You can easily expect your MDF trims to last for decades to come.

renovated appartment with crown moulding and wainscoting

✔️ Paint Ready Finish

All of our trim comes in a white primer finish that is suitable for any paint to be applied. We seal all nail holes and corners, this way all you have to do is just apply the finishing touches.

✔️ Fair and Honest Prices for Trim and Installation

We are fully transparent about our trim installation fees. Our mission is to make trim work available to homeowners at their allocated budget. We also offer competitive prices, no hidden fees, no fine-print terms.

stairway wainscotting, moulding and trim

✔️ Proudly Canadian Doors and Trim

We believe in the importance of supporting local businesses. As a result, the doors we install are manufactured in Canada and made from the most durable materials.

✔️ Lifetime Warranty on Trim Products and Installation

Over the 20 years we’ve been in business, we’ve strived to build a relationship based on trust with our customers. To this end, we provide a lifetime warranty policy that covers all material and labor. We honour our warranty 100%.

✔️ FREE Design Consultation

When you request our trim installation service, we come to your location for a free design consultation. We’ve been in the industry long enough to develop an eye for what looks good in your house.

Interested in Professional Door and Window Trim Installation? Get in touch with us today! The team at Expert Crown Moulding is more than happy to answer your request. Either send us an email or contact us at (647) 296-0488.