Crown moulding is one of the many ways you can upgrade your house without hassle. Major renovation projects require a big budget, a building permit, and a lot of time. However, if you hire a crown moulding installation expert, your house is well on its way to becoming more elegant in just ONE DAY. This is when Expert Crown Moulding comes in! We have been providing crown moulding services to homeowners across Toronto and the GTA for the last 20+ years. In addition, our professional attitude and our commitment to you are our driving force. You can count on us to see your crown moulding project to full completion.

The Advantage of Expert Crown Moulding Installation

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1.Same Day Moulding Installation

One of the main concerns for homeowners who want to install crown moulding in their property is time. The great thing about crown moulding, however, is that it’s a quick and easy installation. Most of the time, we can finish a crown moulding project in ONE DAY.

2.Durable MDF Moulding Material

Our crown moulding is made of medium-density fibreboard, also known as MDF.

  • MDF is the best material for crown moulding and if installed properly it will last a lifetime.
  • MDF has a perfect and smooth surface resulting in a clean and high-quality look.
  • MDF is efficient and easy to install, saving time and money.
  • We install MDF crown moulding without any mess because we cut all the materials outdoors to eliminate any dust.
  • The finished product looks as good as plaster crown moulding and its quality surpasses other materials.

3.Cost-Effective Interior Decor

Crown moulding installation costs start from $4.50 per linear foot. We will provide the crown moulding and install it for you. Considering the benefits you receive when you buy crown moulding, the price to install it is definitely worthwhile. Our high-quality installation guarantees you a great return on your investment, as well.

4.Large Variety of Crown Moulding Designs

Our crown moulding design options and crown moulding styles are endless: we provide beautiful profiles like Symmetrical, Tuscany, Georgian, Milan, Manhattan crown moulding, and many more. Also, with the selection we provide, you’re sure to find something you like that goes perfectly with your home.

5.Large variety of Crown Moulding Sizes

Our crown moulding size selection ranges from 3” to 9” inches. Therefore, the crown moulding isn’t too big or too small and is just about the right size for your home. Don’t worry about selecting the right size yet. Contact us for a free consultation and we will make sure to recommend the right size of crown moulding for your rooms.

6. Moulding Can Be Painted in Any Colour

The MDF crown moulding we use in our installation comes with a white primer finish. We will also prepare crown moulding for painting by filling all nail holes, corners, caulking seams, and gaps. As a result, after we finish the installation, you can paint it in any colour to suit the room’s interior

7. Crown Moulding Can Be Installed In Condominium Apartments

We have unique installation system to install crown moulding in condominium apartments, even over concrete ceilings.- No Mess or Dust in your unit guaranteed. Read More Here


Other Crown Moulding Benefits

3rd floor hallway interior design

Additional benefits to crown moulding installation include:

  • Covering up wiring from pot light installation.
  • Fixing messy plaster jobs or mistakes.
  • Hiding defects in the corner of the wall and improving wall-to-ceiling

Why Our Crown Moulding Installation Is Superior

When you hire us to install your crown moulding, whether it is ceiling moulding, cornice moulding, decorative moulding, wall unit or fireplace moulding, you can expect nothing but the best expert service. Furthermore, many companies in the GTA offer crown moulding installation, but they don’t compare to our quality and experience.

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  • Lifetime warranty on all materials and labour
  • Professional crown moulding installation with no damage to your walls or ceiling
  • Fair and honest crown moulding costs
  • FREE crown moulding design consultation
  • Friendly and skilled staff
  • Quick and punctual installation service
  • No need for post-installation cleanup

At Expert Crown Moulding, we lead with passion and dedication to our customers. Moreover, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Contact us to learn more about our crown moulding installation service.

Either call us at (647) 296-0488 or Send Us an Email, and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.