Installing crown moulding in your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to elevate its design. In this article, we’re listing some of the hottest crown moulding ideas to incorporate this year, including corbels, waffle ceilings, and wainscoting.

Crown Moulding Ideas

flexible crown moulding

1. Wainscoting that Hugs the Staircase

Traditional staircase railings are so last decade! One of the hottest wainscoting ideas you can implement is to install it instead of staircase railings. This wainscoting design not only looks fabulous, but it’s also convenient for small spaces. What’s so great about this design idea is that you can custom cut the wainscoting to perfectly fit your stairway.


2. Pot Lights Meet Coffered Ceilings

Are your ceilings looking a little bland and meh and you happen to want more lighting in your living room? Yeah, we could tell! Check out this waffle ceiling (aka coffered ceiling) design that will do trick! Combining a waffle ceiling with pot lights is a fantastic way to enhance the lighting as well as the overall look of the room. This waffle ceiling idea is definitely a must!

luxury crown moulding

3. Crown Moulding Corner Blocks

Corner detailing can make a big yet subtle change in a room’s overall design. And crown moulding is just the right upgrade. Sure, you can always go with a simplistic MDF trim, but why not take it up a notch and install crown moulding corner blocks? This small detail will really make all the difference.

Photo of Wainscoting Installation

4. Victorian yet Modern Wainscoting?

Pair wainscoting panels with a two-tone staircase, and voilà! You now have yourself a victorian-esque interior with a modern twist. And while the standard colour for wainscoting is white, you can choose to paint it over in any colour to go with the room’s theme. Check out this picture-frame wainscoting design that we paired with cream walls and printed tile floors.

wainscoting bathroom project

5. Bathroom Wainscoting Is a Thing, Y’all

Nobody really thinks of installing wainscoting in the bathroom. But here’s what we think: no room (including the bathroom) is too fancy for wainscoting. Wainscoting panels in the bathroom are a wonderful idea if you want to install some decor elements but you’re short on space. If you don’t have enough room for decorative pieces, try picture-frame panels. They don’t take up space, and they just look great.

music room with tray ceiling crown moulding

6. Make the Room Look Bigger

Wainscoting panels that go from the ceiling all the way down to the floor can make it look a lot higher than it actually is, adding an instant sense of openness to the room. This combined with ceiling crown moulding in the adjacent room gives this open-concept area an attractive, cohesive look.

wainscoting crown moulding project

7. Hallway Wainscoting

We know about the struggles of designing a hallway all too well. You want it to serve its purpose yet you want it to look good, but you also don’t want to make it crowded… so much to consider. How about this: install picture-frame wainscoting on each side of the hallway! Hallway wainscoting is one of the most practical ways to design a tight space without hassle. And this wainscoting project right here is living proof.

cornice moulding in the kitchen

8. Kitchen Crown Moulding

Add some symmetry to your kitchen by installing crown mouldings around the ceiling. Paired with pot lights underneath the cabinets, this crown moulding idea is to die for. The hidden lighting complements the crown moulding very nicely, and you can easily paint the crown moulding in any colour to go with your kitchen. In this project, we opted for a white finish to go with the simplistic design of the kitchen cabinets.

light living room with windows trim

9. Taupe-Notch Wainscoting

This Richmond Hill home embodies one word: elegance. Using flexible polyurethane wainscoting, these picture-frame wainscoting panels begin at the ceiling of the top floor and descend all the way down to the bottom floor. The windows also look like they are a part of the wainscoting since the panels are cut precisely around them. The taupe finish to the wainscoting gives it a grand element, as well.

kids room crown moulding and cornice moulding

10. Bedroom Crown Moulding Design

Who said you can’t install crown moulding in your kid’s bedroom? This project shows exactly why you should! With a calming limegreen finish, this crown moulding bedroom design is enough to add some texture to the walls. Moreover, installing crown moulding corbels as shelving units is an innovative way to store your child’s favourite toys or collection of books.