About Expert Crown Moulding

Crown mouldingWe are family owned business, and dedicated crown moulding installation experts with a passion for our work. We are proudly servicing Toronto and its surrounding areas. Our goal to make every customer satisfied with a job that is done right the first time. Our experience and skill can guarantee highest level of craftsmanship and quality work. We are here to make a difference in every home that we work in.
We believe that a real professional should be dedicated to his own trade of choice and be the best at what he does. That is why we Expert Moulding only specialize in interior trim installations and can deliver the best quality of work and material available.
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What is Crown Moulding

Crown mouldingCrown moulding or crown cornice, is one of the easiest, affordable and fastest ways to dramatically improve interior appearance of your
home. It creates architectural balance by adding a smooth transition from wall to ceiling.

In the past crown moulding was only an option for the wealthy
households. In recent years Crown Moulding gained back it’s popularity, mainly due to introduction of new materials such as MDF and HDF ¬†allowing to create rich architectural design of the living space in a matter of days, with no mess and damage to the wall surfaces, and at a very affordable and attractive price.

Benefits when using MDF Crown Moulding


  • Finished product looks as good as plaster crown moulding,
  • MDF Crown Moulding is more affordable,
  • MDF Moulding can be installed on a freshly painted walls, as it does not create any mess or damage the walls.
  • There is absolutely no dust and mess created during installation process.
  • MDF doesn’t shrink as wood does or show any joints (Backed by a 5 years guarantee)
  • Most of the installation take only one day

MDF Crown Moulding comes in a variety of different profiles and sizes. You can view all available profiles on our profile page The most common sizes are 5″, – 6″ – 7″ – 8″ inches, but unique crown moulding can be made by combining and building up moulding with trim. Crown Moulding size is selected based on height of the walls, and the area where it’s being installed. For example 6″ to 7″ moulding will be appropriate for a house with 8 – 9 ft. ceilings, while 4″ or 5″ crown moulding will get lost out of sight, or will create unbalanced appearance. Same rule is used for the smaller rooms or lower ceilings, where 7″ will make the room look overcrowded and smaller, as for 4″ – 5″ moulding will be a perfect solution to improved appearance of the room.
Our crown moulding comes only from Canadian manufacturers like Alexandria Moulding and Moulding and Millwork, they are also suppliers of crown moulding for the biggest hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Rona.

Expert Crown Moulding also specializes in installing applique wainscoting, which is a great way to give your walls a great face lift. Take a look at some photos on our wainscoting page.