Crown Moulding in Condominium apartments

Crown MouldingA lot of people believe that crown moulding does not belong in a condominium apartments or simply can not be installed due to technical difficulty of the process. Nothing will make your condominium apartment stand out like touch of crown moulding added to a living room and bedrooms.

We have installed MDF Crown Moulding in many condominium units across Toronto and surrounding areas and with years of experience developed a lot of expertise to bring the beauty of MDF Crown Moulding and ceiling moulding to your home no matter what floor it is located on.

Our Expert Crown Moulding Installation can guarantee fast and efficient installation without turning your unit into a construction site. Here is a few simple steps to get this done:

1. Estimation and consultation – Is a half hour appointment that can be scheduled almost at any convenient time. We would meet with the client to present sample crown moulding profiles, take measurements of the living space and discuss possible options, and provide quotation.

2. Measurements – This is a 2nd appointment that will happen after you have decided to go ahead and proceed with the work. Our expert crown moulding installer would come in to create a sketch of the living space and take measurements that will be used for cutting the material off site.

3. Installation – This is the big day. After all the material is cut and prepared, we would come in the morning of the booked installation day to install the crown moulding. In just under a day everything would be completed without any unnecessary noise, dust, and nuisance to you and your neighbors. All you have to do after we are finished is just move back the furniture and enjoy the freshly installed crown moulding.

Yes we make it sound very simple, but there are a number of techniques behind the process that we have mastered over the years to make it easy for you.
If you are interested in getting more information on how to proceed with the installation or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write us an e-mail or just give us a call.
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